Terms & conditions

General terms & conditions of sale La Maison Bastide

Article 1 –   Length of stay

The client accepting the present contract concluded for a fixed period of time may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises.

Article 2 –   Stay offer

The accommodation offer consists of a single room equipped with a private bathroom and breakfast.

The rooms are equipped with household linen (bed linen and towels). In case of a long stay, sheets can be changed after five days on request and pillowcases and towels can be changed if necessary.

If, despite our vigilance, the guest notices a malfunction in the room, the guest is invited to report it immediately.

Article 3 –   Prices

The applicable prices are those in force on the day of booking. The establishment is free to vary its rates at any time and differently from one booking site to another. Therefore, only the price indicated in the booking confirmation is binding.

Rates are in euros and are per night, including breakfast and tourist tax for the agreed number of occupants.

Article 4 –   Visitor’s tax

The tourist tax collected by La Maison Bastide and paid to Bordeaux Metropole is included in the room rate.

Article 5 – Booking and payment methods

The reservation can be made on the reservation module of our website by means of a credit card. La Maison Bastide also accepts reservations by phone or by e-mail.

For a stay of 4 nights or more, the reservation of several rooms or in the case of a reservation by e-mail or telephone, a deposit of 30% may be required to be paid by cheque or bank transfer.

The reservation is firm and definitive only after confirmation from La Maison Bastide and receipt of the deposit requested, if applicable.

The client must pay the total amount of the stay on arrival, by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

By making a reservation, the customer expresses his full and complete agreement with these GTC.

Article 6 –   Modification / cancellation

of the reservation

Cancellation by the client              
Any cancellation must be notified in writing to the owner.

Cancellation before the beginning of the stay :

  • if the cancellation is made more than 7 days before the start of the stay, the sums paid will be fully refunded;
  • if the cancellation is made less than 7 days before the start of the stay, the owner will retain 30% of the amount of the stay;
  • if the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the start of the stay, the owner will retain the total amount of the reservation.

In the case of a “non-refundable” rate, payment is made in full at the time of booking and therefore will not be refundable regardless of the reason for cancellation.

If the guest does not show up at the agreed time on the day of the beginning of the stay, the owner may dispose of the guest rooms and will retain the total amount of the reservation.

In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the total cost of the stay is due.

Cancellation imposed by the authorities (Covid 19)      
Refunds for cancelled reservations in this case may be made in the form of an 18-month credit note that is refundable at term.

Cancellation by the owner        
If La Maison Bastide is unable to receive a client who has made a firm reservation, the owner will take the necessary steps to relocate him/her to an establishment with equivalent services. The client will be reimbursed immediately for the sums already paid.

Article 7 –   Change of room

La Maison Bastide reserves the right to change the room initially booked by the client to a room of the same or higher category if
necessary, without the client being able to claim any compensation. In such a case, the cost of the reservation remains unchanged.

Article 8 –   Arrival and departure times

Reception is between 5 and 7 pm, as La Maison Bastide does not have a permanent reception service. However, other arrival times can be agreed with the owner. In any case, the arrival time must be communicated at the latest the day before the beginning of the stay.

On the day of departure, the room must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. with the handing over of the keys. If the keys cannot be returned (loss or theft), they will be charged 50 €. 

Article 9 –   Occupants

The number of occupants must be as agreed at the time of booking. Otherwise, the owner reserves the right to refuse additional guests. This refusal can in no way be considered as a breach of contract on the initiative of La Maison Bastide, and no reimbursement will be considered.

Likewise, no visitors will be accepted in the guest house unless the owner’s prior agreement has been obtained.

Article 10 – Animals

For reasons of hygiene and respect for the other occupants of the guest house, animals are not accepted.

In the event of non-compliance with this clause by the guest, the refusal to accept the animals and their owners by the owner of the
guest rooms cannot be assimilated to a modification or breach of contract at the initiative of the owner. Therefore, in the event of the client’s departure, no reimbursement can be envisaged.

Article 11 – Respect for the rules of the house

For the respect of everyone, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the whole house. Any deviation from this rule could engage the responsibility of the offending client, particularly in the event of an accident or fire. Ashtrays are available on the terrace where smokers can smoke freely as long as they do not disturb the other guests.

In order to guarantee the quietness of the premises, it is requested not to shout or run on the stairs and in front of the room doors. In
order to respect the rest of the other guests, the clientele commits to the greatest discretion in terms of sound before 8:00 am for early risers, after 10:30 pm in the evening.

The children evolving within La Maison Bastide are under the sole and entire responsibility of the adults accompanying them.

Guests undertake to return the rooms in perfect condition at the end of their stay and to declare and pay for any damage for which they may be responsible.

Article 12 – Internet

La Maison Bastide provides its guests with free WiFi internet access in the rooms and common areas. The user is prohibited from
using the service for purposes contrary to the regulations in force. 

Article 13 – RGPD

In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978, modified on 8 January 2018, you have the right to access and rectify data concerning you. La Maison Bastide undertakes not to transmit to other companies or organizations the information you have provided.